Automatic Rescue Devices

Automatic Rescue Devices operates the motors in upward direction and at less speed, which is beneficial in taking the lift or elevator to the immediate next floor and then opening its door for the passengers to make an exit.

We provide high quality Elevator Rescue Device which acts as a power back up in case of an outage. This is one of the safest elevator / lift evacuation device, which is automatic in operation and is known for having operational fluency and low maintenance cost. In the event of a power outage the E-shield automatically gains control from the main control by isolating the door and safety systems. It then checks for irregularities in the safety system; if there is a bypass, then it is logged in the system. E-shield then checks for passenger in the lift, then it is brought to the nearest floor. When the Elevator Rescue Device brings the lift to the floor, the doors automatically opens.

  • Fast Response, Safe and Reliable.
  • Fully Automatic Working.
  • 3 Phase to 2 Phase, For 5HP to 60HP.
  • Strong Generality.
  • Automatic Charging and maintenance free function.
  • The time delay can be adjustable (10 to 30 sec). After power failure to activate ARD Operation, to ensure lift inverter to discharge remaining power.
  • Short Circuit & over load protection.
  • Compatible for any Lift Models.