ELEVATORS - Modernisation

As populations age, ensuring smooth and convenient people flow becomes even more essential. Even well-maintained equipment can fall short of expectations as it gets older or in a changing environment. Modernizing your elevators, and automatic doors will improve their safety, eco-efficiency, performance, and aesthetics.

Esteem modernization solutions are tailored to your exact needs, ranging from component upgrades to full replacement of existing equipment, as well as retrofit installations. Their purpose is simple – to keep your equipment running safely and reliably for the lifetime of your building.


  • You’re unsure if the elevator complies with current code and safety standards
  • People wait too long in the lobby
  • Passengers complain about poor floor leveling, ride comfort or noise
  • The building’s use has changed since the elevator was first installed
  • The elevator: is more than 10 years old
  • The elevator: looks worn and out-of-date
  • The elevator: gets overcrowded
  • The elevator: shuts down often
  • The elevator: has a negative effect on rental and property values
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