Our Traction machine is manufactured in strict accordance to its uncompromising quality control methods right from the initial stage of procurement of raw material to the final stage of the testing, inspection and dispatch to customer and in keeping with the latest technology.


Salient Products

  • Electric motor suitable for application on wider voltage range.
  • same unit can be used for DOL and VVVF application.
  • Integral mounting of electric drive (stator and rotor) on high speed shaft.
  • Compact dimensions and low weight.
  • Monoblock housing of graded cast iron.
  • Traction sheave of S.G. iron.
  • High speed shaft made out of hardened alloy steel.
  • Worm wheel made out of special grade of phosphor bronze to achieve longer life.
  • Brake operating mechanism of electromagnetic, dual magnet type to operate on 110V DC.
  • Suitable to operate on mineral oil.
  • Lubrication of gear and bearing by oil splash from the sump.
  • Ease of maintenance at site.
Elevator Maintenance Services

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